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Kayce Harris, MBA

Director of Assessment Services and Engagement Consultant

As the Director of Assessment Services at DecisionWise, Kayce leads a team of assessment professionals that guide clients through successful employee engagement and 360 initiatives. Kayce brings a passion for creating amazing experiences for employees and customers, while emphasizing efficiency and results.

Kayce has broad experience in a variety of industries during her career, including entertainment, education, finance, and technology. Most recently, she worked for Hewlett Packard and was heavily involved with employee engagement and change management. Prior to that, she was hired by DigitalGlobe to build career paths and job architecture from the ground up.

Kayce received a Master of Business Administration degree from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University where she specialized in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. When she is away from the office, you can find her playing and creating music, watching sports, or spending time with nieces and nephews.

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