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Gordon Whitehead, D.M.

Associate Consultant

Gordon Whitehead has led strategy execution and leadership development for various enterprises over the past 30 years, helping leverage their organic leadership talent to accelerate action toward their key objectives. Mr. Whitehead has served in leadership roles at both public and private companies including Nike, CorVel Corporation, Sequent, ProSight, FB&B Consulting and the Goldratt Institute. He served for 13 years in the United States Marine Corps, leaving as a Captain before taking his strategy wisdom to the business world.

His four years with Goldratt helped Mr. Whitehead develop market-leading experience in supply chain optimization and Theory of Constraints™ which empower clients to execute strategies more effectively.

Mr. Whitehead was a strategist in developing cutting-edge digital communications technology for Desert Storm that reduced critical processes from days to minutes. He led the turnaround of a declining organization to increase unit sales production by 25% in one year. While at Nike, Mr. Whitehead led the redevelopment of a $300mm cost center to remove enterprise blockers and help accelerate Nike’s growth from $4b to $9b in three years. He removed blockers as a VP at a $500 mm public company to increase growth capacity by 10x, enabling a 2-3 stock split.

Mr. Whitehead has global business experience working with major multinationals in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Germany, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and United States.

Mr. Whitehead is a published author and graduated from Oregon State University and holds a Doctor of Management from George Fox University. He is an adjunct professor at Utah Valley University. Mr. Whitehead is married to Diane Ramos Whitehead and they are the parents of 8 children and several grandchildren.

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