Flexible and Confidential

The DecisionWise 360-degree feedback software tool is a comprehensive survey system that allows you to easily and confidentially collect 360 feedback for individuals and groups. This powerful and flexible platform allows you to:

  1. Customize 360 feedback survey questions
  2. Customize rater groups
  3. Start individuals or groups at any time
  4. Schedule rater selection, survey start dates, reminders, and close dates
  5. Select raters online with approval by HR and/or the supervisor
  6. Track participation in real time
  7. Customize report layouts
  8. Apply norm lines, benchmarks, and trending from previous years
  9. Create PDF or online reports
  10. Create group reports

360 Degree Feedback Benchmarking

The DecisionWise 360-degree feedback software system includes benchmark comparisons for thousands of leaders around the world. Benchmarks appear on the reports as a norm line and provide context for individuals to understand the relative strength of their scores. Benchmarks are available by survey type (Executives, Business Leaders, Team Leaders, or Individuals) or by industry. Additionally, norms can show the top ten percent of scores, the average scores of all leaders in your organization, or the scores from the individual’s previous 360-degree feedback results.

Dedicated Support

In addition to the powerful features of the DecisionWise 360-degree feedback software platform, you receive dedicated support from a professional survey administrator. Your survey administrator works with you to administer the entire process so that you don’t need to learn a new software tool or spend time running the survey. The survey administrator conducts the process for multiple groups, keeps you up to date on participation, and generates and checks the final reports.