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Data Collection & Aggregation

Migration Analysis

Confidentially track your employee movement from one survey to another. Use specific categories with response algorithms to group employees. Then follow the respondents survey over survey. Simple visualizations pinpoint areas of success and opportunity.

Team Level Report

The dynamics of a team directly impact the engagement of the individual. The DecisionWise team level reports provide clarity and confidentiality of team member responses. Team leaders, manag- ers and executives quickly gain actionable insight into team dynamics.

Stack Ranking with Custom Algorithms

Stack ranking questions focus your employee responses into specific groups. Simple graphs make the data easy to consume while custom algorithms create additional depth in ranking responses.

Demographic Scatterplots

Compare employee subgroups relative to overall company scores using demographic-based plot diagrams. Demographics may include facility location, departments, managers, and more. Easily consume a large amount of data in a simple chart visualization.

Organizational Trending

Executives need quick snapshots of the overall progress of your employee initiatives. Organizational trending dashboards provide intuitive graphs to quickly interpret critical data necessary in making strategic business decisions. Customize the graphs and dashboards to your key business metrics.

Score Distribution

Understand the depth of responses from individual questions with favorability graphs and color-coded bar graphs.

Theme-based Trending

Use frequent surveys to monitor employee sentiment based on specific themes or functional groups. The DecisionWise theme-based trending report provides survey over survey trending displaying the change from the previous survey.

Divisional Dashboards

Quickly visualize key indicators from your survey results with custom color coding, departmental comparisons, and survey over survey trending.

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