We are a network of professional trainers, coaches and consultants, an organisation that endeavors to develop internal synergies and strong collaborative relationship with the organisations we serve. As individuals, we can count on many years of experience developed in different industries. We offer our competencies, knowledge and abilities to support your business objectives, building on our joint experience, producing project results that add value to your organisation. We are proud of our practical approach, that puts together theoretical knowledge with years of field experience.

We are defined by a strong sense of our values, as a stepping stone to building strong relationship with our clients.

We offer individual and group development interventions and services to support the successful management of human resources.


  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • Engagement Survey
  • Leadership Feedback 360°
  • Strategic meeting facilitation
  • Team coaching

Contact Information

Area: Italy
Contact: Daniela Anderluzzi
Phone: +39 045 8309932
Email: info@formazione-network.it