Sustainable change for organizations that make the world a little better.

Not just different. Better.

“Making something even an inch better is more than leaving everything as it is,” Ali Mahlodji, founder of watchado, writes in his book, “And What are you doing?”

I make the world a bit better by advising organizations that make the world better.

Sustainable change means:

Breaking old patterns.

Often people in organizations know pretty well what is not going well and where a change is needed. Then you start – and soon realize that you quickly fall back into the old patterns of behavior. And there are good reasons why better everything stays the way it was. Or why exactly the way does not make sense. No wonder! The previous patterns have also had plenty of time to solidify; and after all, they were once helpful, otherwise they would not exist!

Connecting the dots.

For sustainable change it is crucial to recognize patterns of behavior, to question them, to make conscious decisions: what helps us, what hinders us? Where do we want to, can we tackle and create new patterns of behavior, new rituals, new processes to achieve what we have set ourselves?


  • Organizational Consulting
  • Leadership Development
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