In today’s fast-pace world, shareholders, boards of directors, and executives are looking for leaders that can quickly solve problems and orchestrate effective turnarounds. But, this can be a real challenge, especially if you are new to the organization.

So, why go it alone? We will help you design and implement an internal listening campaign so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible. DecisionWise provides the tools and resources you need to help you understand your new culture, operating systems, beliefs, and challenges. At DecisionWise, we design and build assessments and feedback tools that allow you to listen and learn faster, while also reaching a broader audience.

Organizations have their own culture, values, norms, and unwritten rules. It often takes years for newcomers to navigate these new waters. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to look at last year’s employee engagement survey. You need data that is current and which has been gathered with a view towards your priorities and leadership style.

Through our anonymous surveys and assessments, learn whether your teams are working well together.  Uncover the perceptions and beliefs that are either promoting strong performance or holding you back.  Find out what motivates and engages your managers to drive business performance.

Change is hard. Uncertainty and suspicion often accompany a change in leadership. This uncertainty, however, can mask what is really happening. Use our anonymous feedback tools to uncover what concerns are keeping your people up at night. See what is really happening with those you lead by learning more about their strengths and weaknesses through talent measurement tools.