New Hire Surveys

Employee On-boarding Surveys

On-boarding surveys measure the employee experience of new hires during their first year of employment and are a key tool to increase retention.
DecisionWise research shows that new employees typically have the highest level of employee engagement among tenure groups but also have a high attrition rate. New hires have high expectations and when they are not met it can lead to disengagement and separation. That’s why it is important to understand their experiences throughout their first year of employment and to take quick action.
New hire surveys cover four key areas:

  1. Pre-employment experience: How did the employee find out about the company and position? How was the application and interview experience? How satisfied were you with the job offer process?
  2. New-hire introduction and orientation: Did you feel welcomed in your department? Was your manager supportive? Do you have the necessary tools and resources to do your job?
  3. Training: How well do your skills match the job? Was the orientation training effective? Did you receive sufficient job-specific training?
  4. Integration: How well does the actual job you perform match with what was described during the interview process? Do you understand the organization’s goals and values? How comfortable do you feel working with your team?

DecisionWise recommends conducting new hire surveys throughout the first year of employment. On-boarding surveys are normally started seven days into employment and then periodically thereafter for the first year. The surveys are short and contain one set of questions to measure variations in engagement and another set that changes to measure specific events at certain milestones.
Are you ready to start using new-hire surveys? Contact DecisionWise to see employee on-boarding survey samples, choose online reporting options, and receive an estimate.

New Hire Employee Survey