Employee Engagement

is a Competency


Employee engagement is an outcome of many contributing factors. While some factors are influenced only at an organizational level, many elements are under the direct control of individual managers. A skilled manager, therefore, can greatly improve the employee engagement on her/his team.

Take the

Understand your current level of engagement.


  • Drives strategic action that reflects the vision of the organization
  • Sets goals and objectives that challenge and excite the team
  • Helps align personal values of employees with the mission of the organization
  • Holds people accountable for performance
  • Empowers others with the resources and authority they need to succeed
  • Demonstrates a sense of trust that others will perform their jobs well


  • Provides challenging tasks and stretch assignments
  • Provides candid feedback to others in a way that facilitates improvement
  • Helps employees see and live up to their full potential


  • Helps others understand how their work contributes to the organization’s success
  • Celebrates the accomplishments of the team
  • Sets high standards of excellence for serving customers


  • Builds Rapport with all types of personalities and people
  • Creates a sense of belonging among team members
  • Promotes a culture where all team members feel safe to contribute




  • Provides the information people need to know to do their job effectively
  • Treats all employees with fairness and respect
  • Shows dedication to her/his job and the organization