Big companies have varied populations with different needs for accessing the employee survey. Most large organizations will create different question sets of the survey for specific employee populations based on a core set of items.

Not everyone has email or can take the survey sitting at their work computer. Large companies usually need to offer several options such as online, mobile device, and paper surveys to ensure all employees have a chance to participate.

Organize your organization.

Get the right data to the right person- easily. We navigate the hierarchal maze of large organizations to ensure that the correct results are distributed to the right department, location, and individual manager. We are experts with complex organization structures and our drag-and-drop hierarchy management system makes it easy to make changes so that reporting is accurate.

How do you stack up?
Benchmark your survey results against our global database, companies in your industry, and top-performing companies to get context and see how you stack up.

See how engagement impacts your other business metrics.
Do managers with high 360-degree feedback scores also lead engaged teams? How do your engagement scores compare with safety incidents, diversity feedback, and attrition numbers? DecisionWise works directly with your business intelligence team to provide or gather the data necessary to make business metric comparisons.

Questions, questions, questions.
In large organizations there can be hundreds of reports created for managers throughout the company. Invariably, these managers (the executive team included) have questions and reach out to the HR team for answers. The DecisionWise online reporting tool allows HR leaders to instantly query the data dynamically to quickly respond to requests. A dedicated DecisionWise project manager is also there to provide help and support.

Push out the results.
When you have over 100 managers, how do you deliver a unique report to each of them that can be accessed immediately? DecisionWise seamlessly handles the dissemination of results to managers throughout the organization with easy to access online tools and PDF reports. Our single sign-on technology doesn’t require managers to create a new account and password. We do the back-end work to ensure managers don’t have to struggle to access their team results.

Large organizations produce gigabytes of employee feedback. Our employee engagement consultants work with you to analyze the information, identify the overall themes, and dig into the wealth of information the survey contains– that’s Leadership Intelligence. This means you truly hear the message your employees are trying to deliver and gain the insights you need to make the right decisions.