Do companies still use paper employee surveys?

Believe it or not, paper employee surveys are the most effective way to gather feedback from many employee populations. We work with clients in hospitals, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and retail stores where employees don’t have easy access to a computer and paper surveys simply work best.

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned that employees are more likely to participate and provide honest feedback when they have options to take the survey in their preferred way. Paper employee surveys are normally one option offered to employees in combination with online surveys delivered via email, kiosk surveys accessed through a temporary computer or tablet, and surveys pushed to smart phones.

From paper employee survey projects that involve hundreds of locations to companies with just a small subset of employees on the manufacturing floor, we handle the complex details to package and deliver the right surveys to the right employees. Your local HR representative or manager simply opens the box, passes out and collects the surveys, and sends them back to us for processing. Our employee survey experts create the project plan and anticipate every question before the survey is released.

Once the paper surveys are received, we use a 25-point checklist to count, verify, repair, and scan every completed form. Whereas most employee survey providers discard damaged or unscannable surveys, our survey experts clean, repair, and key-in the data to make sure all employee voices are heard. Within 72 hours, we provide you updated counts and survey results.

If an electronic survey does not work for some of your employees, ask a DecisionWise expert how paper employee surveys can get the feedback you need to make the best-informed decisions.

Paper Employee Surveys