DecisionWise always-on surveys provide frequent and valid feedback to drive ongoing action planning and improvement initiatives. These surveys create a more realistic and current picture of employee perceptions in the workplace. The most successful organizations use always-on surveys to complement their comprehensive annual survey.

How It Works

Always-on surveys can be used as a real-time sentiment monitor that allow feedback submissions from employees at any time on an on-going basis or they can be deployed at weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals. Since the frequency of use depends on the ability of leaders to respond rapidly to the feedback, most organizations survey quarterly or monthly.

DecisionWise Best Practice

We’ve found that an employee engagement feedback campaign is most successful when organizations deploy a comprehensive annual employee survey followed by three short quarterly surveys. The annual survey shapes improvement plans while the quarterly surveys measure progress and current engagement levels. This frequency allows leaders enough time to respond to employee survey results and implement changes that can be evaluated on the next survey. Organizations should never survey their employees without the intention to make changes.

Measuring Progress

Employee feedback is displayed through an online dashboard that compares each new set of survey results to the previous set. Leaders can easily track progress and measure the effectiveness of their interventions.

An Integrated Approach

Don’t rely on just one method of feedback to direct your engagement efforts. Companies who create an integrated approach that includes an annual survey, multiple intermittent surveys, always-on sentiment surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews are more successful in their improvement efforts. Let DecisionWise help you to create a survey strategy that is right for your organization.

Always-on Employee Survey