Organizations survey to inform action. Oftentimes, it makes no sense to wait until the next annual survey to see if your programs are creating desired change. Certain interventions only involve a subset of the entire organization, so there is not an easy way to see if the programs are working if all you ever survey is your full employee base. Sometimes there is a new initiative that you need feedback on right away. The DecisionWise Confirming Pulse Survey™ was designed to solve these types of problems.

Survey whenever the time is right to track the success of programs you have implemented. Some things should be ready to check in a month. Others may take a few months. The DecisionWise Intelligent Administration Tool™ let’s you kick this off whenever you are ready.

Survey your entire organization or any subset you choose. Once you upload your organization hierarchy in the easy-to-use tool, kicking off a survey for your entire employee population or any subset is a few clicks away.

Ask only those questions relevant to the initiative you are trying to check on. Wherever possible, include the same questions you asked on the original survey that caused you to take a specific course of action. The DecisionWise Intelligent Survey Administration Tool™ makes this straightforward and easy. The DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence System™ (LIS) then can allow you real-time access to reports not just showing attitude change in the aggregate, but what groups of people have moved what direction as a result of the changes implemented.